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Getting Started

To learn about the API, please refer to the documentation provided by MbientLab on their github page.

I will (eventually) publish differences between the MetaWear Android API and the Windows API here.

MbientLab's Meta Wear documentation page

MbientLab's github page

First steps for use


For your use of the API, you must adjust the manifest of your project per the requirements set forth in the MSDN documentation for Bluetooth LE on Windows phone.  A sample manifest section is:

<m2:DeviceCapability Name="bluetooth.genericAttributeProfile">
   <!--Eventually change this to MetaWear -->
   <m2:Device Id="any">
      <!--Standard Battery service -->
      <m2:Function Type="name:battery" />
      <!--Standard deviceInformation -->
      <m2:Function Type="serviceId:0000180a-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb" />
      <!--MetaWear service -->
      <m2:Function Type="serviceId:326A9000-85CB-9195-D9DD-464CFBBAE75A" />

Without this manifest section, one can pair with the device, but the app will not be allowed to communicate with it.


To use any Bluetooth device on Windows and Windows Phone, the device must be paired using the Bluetooth settings page.  Only after this is done with an app work with the API.

Next Steps for this Project

The project currently lacks an example app.

Next in line is a sample universal application to demonstrate the API on Windows and Windows Phone.

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